Sometimes you need some time to yourself to ponder just exactly where you are going, where your projects are going. Specifically in my case this was true for TFD, I had every intention of creating a good forum for fellow furries, fellow roleplayers and the like. To me personally that seemed like a good idea at the time. I hate to admit that it took a lot of convincing myself before I realized that those days are in the past. There certainly is still a lot to be gained from communities, and meeting other like minded people. But the avenue for these things have changed over the years and really that's what took me so long to accept.


Having said that the future for online communities have shifted to things such as Discord, Telegram, and other instant messaging type services. I think, a large reason for all this is probably that we’re all so connected now.


What I’m getting at here is simple. Effective immediately the forums for The Furry Den are shutting down. But that doesn’t mean we’re going away! Something we’ve observed over the last couple of months, heck maybe even years is that forums are slowly going away. They’ve added shoutboxes, then more chat boxes, then discord came around, and a lot of sites added community discords. And one red thread that went through all this is that doing these things, took away from the core forum features. It just really seems to me that people are a lot more interested in sitting down, having a chat before moving on with their day.


Hopefully you’ll all give it a chance as we try to turn things into a welcoming discord community, we hope to be able to slowly grow, get more people around and potentially do things together, such as game nights, movie nights, and doing all kinds of fun stuff together. Getting various game servers setup and working might also be on the horizon should the interest for such a thing pop up on us!

You can find our discord group here.