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  2. Yeeeessssssssss i love KCD i think it is probably the best game to have come out so far this year. I'm a huge history nerd, and i love everything about this sort of era's warfare. the combat is especially great and pretty realistic. :'3
  3. I'm somewhat curious if there's any interest for something sci-fi centred, while I don't have a clear idea in the back of my head I have some seeds that could grow into a proper idea. If there is any interest in such a thing. Really to move forward with something like this I probably would need to know just exactly what someone would be interested in. In terms of setting, story type, etc. Like personally I could go with something slightly based on living on some sort of colony ship or an ark ship. Not quite sure which direction the story would go from there, but taking some extra time to flesh out a proper basis for a story would be fun if people want to do something sciency.
  4. Yeah, I heard a lot about Kingdom Come and certain people like @Kraylan have been saying its good. Not my type of game so i kinda skipped out on it. But from what I've seen of it, its pretty well made.
  5. Now, I know yalls specified upcoming games but this one is technically a 2018 game so imma mention it anyway Kingdom Come: Deliverance Its so damn good. I know there's been a TON of bad hype for it because of how shitty the release was, but in thw grand scheme of things, it wasn't WarHorse's fault. Their investors demanded the game get released even though the Devs straight up told them it wasn't done. So when it was released, it was so obnoxiously broken, but the Devs worked their asses off to release patches to fix the problems. Anyway, moving on. It is an absolutely gorgeous game. The graphics are just...holy wow. I love flailing through the forests because THEY ARE ACTUALLY FORESTS AAAHHH and the menus and the xhxksapsn the gameplay, the story, just. Basically its a fully immersive game that can almost be considered a "medieval sim"
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  7. Miss Sassy Kat

    Hi :)

    Welcome! You've already talked to me, so this isn't really an intro, huh? xP
  8. Kraylan

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    We here at The Furry Den (TFD) aspire to cultivate a strong community centered around the furry fandom. To that end, we provide these forums free of charge to all artists, writers, role players, and people who share this common interest. While we may from time to time ask for the rare donation we will never seek to profit from our community's charity. Everything we receive from donations will always be put right back into our website or our community. Thank you. TFD Staff
  9. Kraylan

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    Welcome! we hope you'll stick around
  10. I'm awaiting more switch games. I already have a few noted that I plan to pick up. Harvest Moon, Dark Souls Remastered..etc.
  11. Skylanders was always a weird thing to me. My sister got it on her PS4 and she thought it was cool but it's a very "kid" game. Not really much there for any grownups I felt. Cool concepts, but they really dragged a lot of stuff through the dirt to get in there.
  12. Honestly i'm fuckin hyped for the Spyro remake. Skylanders absolutely killed the franchise and i am excited to see it coming back to its original glory
  13. Pandah

    Hi :)

    Welcome to the site. ^.^
  14. Welcome to our site! We're still fairly new and slowly growing! If you have any friends don't hesitate to invite them as well!
  15. Matt90

    Hi :)

    I'm here just to make lots of friends and starting some serious relationships. Hope you son't mind me ^^'.
  16. To each their own, I dropped of the COD bandwagon after MW2
  17. I really only have faith because Treyarch is making Black Ops 4, and Treyarch has always done an outstanding job with their CoD's, and I'm very hopeful.
  18. if you ask me, COD has used up any and all goodwill towards it as a game series a long time ago and I feel there's just much better games to play across the board than to have any faith that there's gonna ever be another good COD game.
  19. The only thing I'm hyped for is Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4; the past few CoD games have been shit, and with them now finally finishing World War ll this late into the game cycle, it's reasonable for most people (including me) to anticipate the new game in the saga.
  20. I love this cover, and NSP in general really.
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