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  2. Three Word Story

    to eye! That
  3. Three Word Story

    We see eye... 😃
  4. Three Word Story

    Someday, I hope
  5. Three Word Story

    All the time! 😄
  6. Your First Time!

    This is a place to post about your discovery of the furry fandom. I first saw a fursuit, on the dreaded "Fur and Loathing" episode of CSI. I wanted one then. I didn't realize there was actually a group of us, until 2012, when I discovered the Furry Den. My first use of CEF, was thanks to Kay Dee, who decided that "Closetfur" was just too long!!
  7. Three Word Story

    I can smile
  8. Three Word Story

    Have within us.
  9. Three Word Story

    that we always
  10. "Chance" Furries

    That is what happens in small towns. People tend to keep their hobby to themselves. It's why when people tell me "There is no one" my answer is always "are you absolutely sure" because people can surprise you haha.
  11. Three Word Story

    of the troubles
  12. "Chance" Furries

    Greetings friends! In an update to this news, I got to suit with her at a car show with several others, she borrowed a fullsuit then. She is the smol one between Rex Masters, and myself (second from the left). Now, she has built her own partial!! I have yet to see it, but I am waiting on the event pictures!! I also have found two more in our small town. None of them knew about the others. *HUGS*
  13. Hey y'all.

    Awww, you know Calm will never let it die! Good to meet you Pepperones! *HUGS*
  14. "Chance" Furries

    There is NO ONE in my tiny town
  15. Hey y'all.

    Good thanks been just busy with work lol
  16. Hey y'all.

    We're all still breathing, for the most part anyway.
  17. Hey y'all.

    I can't believe this site's still standing, lol. How's everyone?
  18. Supp fuzz butts

    Hello and welcome back, sorry for the quietness...
  19. Supp fuzz butts

    HiYa Neon! Hopefully, we can light a fire under this old girl, and get it to move! I first became active in the furry family, in 2012, right here . I gained a lot of lifelong friends, and opened myself up a lot! Looking forward to seeing more activity here! *HUGS*
  20. Supp fuzz butts

    Its still a bit dead, sorta in the lull of things and still considering various things, sorting behind the scenes things. Time management and all has been a little off so we havent really done much to really push trough beyond world of mouth.
  21. Supp fuzz butts

    Hiyaa, My names Neon(jayfox) :3 Ive been on here since it first started but it was kinda empty, its been like a year or so now, is it still empty? : o i make music on fl studio, as you can tell by my profile picture i like renard queenston :3 hes kinda how i got into the fandom, im inspired by him. i have steam, i mostly play csgo :3 a level 24 hehe my fursona is a blue fox with neon glowing green fur, i joined the fandom 2 years ago, and it became a big part of me until i kinda came across some events in my life that had also changed it, good and bad heres a tune i just made 5 mins ago, and a fsjal meme off my sona :3 dont be afraid to chat :3 i love making new friends across the internet here to move.mp3
  22. Sid

    Well hello and welcome back
  23. Hello I'm New

    Dannnnnng!!! Welcome to the Den! Have some fun, or make some!!! I am CEF, The Hugmonster! *HUGGGS*
  24. Sid

    Hello, and Welcome Back to the Den!! *Hugs*
  25. Hello I'm New

    I'm Bolt.
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