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  3. nsfw

    Dannnnnng!!! Welcome to the Den! Have some fun, or make some!!! I am CEF, The Hugmonster! *HUGGGS*
  4. Sid

    Hello, and Welcome Back to the Den!! *Hugs*
  5. nsfw

    I'm Bolt.
  6. Sid

    Ello, welcome back to our establishment!
  7. Sid

    Hi am am Sid, a scret Furry ninja. I have actually been here a while, i am just on-again off-again due to being busy
  8. nsfw

  9. Can let go...
  10. here, sometimes I
  11. Why I am...
  12. at the mall.
  13. People go shopping...
  14. The way this one goes, is we are finishing, or adding to somebodies sentence. For example... I say ...even when most...then you might continue with ....of the wizards....Then I may say....were still asleep... and so on. Would you like to try again? .....even when most
  15. "Please define that."
  16. Even when most
  17. I feel this is a double-edged sword type question. In a different aspect than pushing your idea on others. sometimes people ask questions. And sometimes people discover it on their own at cons or other public events. On one hand people learn about it and think it's cool, some get into it, and on the other side of the spectrum... people make their own assumptions and hate it or are disgusted by it. So kind of yes, it would be cool if more people knew about it but at the same time, it needs to be handled the right way to prevent more judgement or hate
  18. I'm not sure really. I think pushing your interests onto others usually leads to the kind of hate the fandom already has gotten due to the push from people who's a little bit vocal in the wrong direction about the fandom...
  19. I had this question pop into my head. It was: "do you think more people should know about furries"? I would love to have your feedback on this.
  20. My live-action movies that I love are 'Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree' [1966], 'Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day [1968]', 'Winnie The Pooh And Tigger Too' [1974] and many more!
  21. OK! Can I go next? "Bolt says 'Morning!'"
  22. As the name suggests, we tell a story three words at a time, building on the previous fursons post! For Example. I may start with "In the morning" Then KayDee may say "when there wasn't" And then Kraylan may add "a cloud in" Get the picture? OK then Let's GO!!! At the middle......
  23. No. I've never met any other furries.
  24. Oh yeah I've heard of similar stories like that before. It is awesome that it helps some people so much.
  25. I heard from a friend yesterday, that a fifteen year old girl in their area, that was bullied, introverted, and generally withdrawn, has improved greatly! She discovered the magic of being in a fursuit. Her mother said, this was the happiest she has seen her! Another point for Furry!
  26. I remember when I first came across this forum I made friends with someone who I later found out was a local fur. They were the first furry I had ever met in person. We are still friends to this day and hang out periodically or at events. Other than that there is a very large community in this state; mostly condensed to this city so... everyone kind of knows everyone else but I'm always finding new furs that I don't know here and there.
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