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  2. Sloowwllyy getting there. Kinda wish i had taken up the insurance's offer of a massage therapist for my neck, but ah well. I miss my truck :(

  3. i was just watching a bunch of random youtube videos one day because i was super bored and found furries somehow
  4. hi! im new here and can't wait to do stuff OVO
  5. appraisal today: apparently the guy hit me hard enough to separate my hitch assembly from the frame, along with the extensive bumper damage and knocking my gas gauge sensor out of whack.

  6. I'm so tired of my head feeling like its stuck in a hydraulic press, of my neck being stiff to the point where no matter what position i'm in i can't be comfortable, not to mention these goddamn sounds ringing in my head. I cant drive anywhere because its overstimulating to the point where i shut down, and knowing that i wont be back to 100% for weeks just seems to make it so much worse

  7. How does one turn a kind man, into a cruel one?

    By destroying all he loves, all his dreams, until nothing is left...
    but pain and suffering.

  8. Welcome to TFD, pay no attention to the lying pup and make sure to enjoy your stay.
  9. Welcome. Feel free to scritch the big 'ol Calmcacil kitty, he purrs if you do it right!
  10. Welcome. There's a varied bunch here, but some are just lurking in the corners in most cases. Feel free to find one yourself, just not the forested one. That's mine.
  11. Caitybee


    Hey everyone, My name is Caity, I just joined moments ago and I've been in the furry community for a long time now. I'm trying to find a place to really get my artwork more noticed and maybe some new clients, who knows. I'd love to make friends in the meantime, and see how things go. Feel free to PM me, I'm very friendly. Thank you!
  12. I am offering commissions, I completed a recent piece of art and it inspired me to see if anyone would like a character drawn up with my advanced skills. I have 5 slots available for commissions so I'm not swamped. What I'll Draw: Animals, Cartoon Characters, Mythical Creatures (Animal-Like), SFW. What I Don't Draw: NSFW, Humans, Complex Designs/Characters Head Shot/Bust - 20$ |Full Body - 25$ My artwork takes 3-5 hours minimum to finish. Contact me via PM, on Discord at CaityJuju#5112, or on DeviantART - Caitybee. PayPal Accepted - Prices in CDN currency. Example:
  13. Nice to meet everyone, I'm new here! Looking to make some friends and share my art talents. Feel free to PM me. :)

  14. Ello! Welcome to our little site, things are a bit quiet these days, probably for many reasons but hopefully things will pick back up again sometime soon!
  15. Heading to urgent care in the morning to be checked out for concussion. I just wanna sleep Dx

    1. Rune


      welp. concussion, whiplash, and elevated blood pressure. neato

  16. jellylake


    Hi everyone! I'm not sure what to put here, but anyway, I hope to meet new awesome people
  17. Got into an accident, but everyone's okay. 

  18. Rune

    Art of Rune

    BEHOLD MY GREATEST LEARNING CURVE YET no but seriously, this took a LOT of learning and patience. I'd never done iridescence before EVER, and so like.....god this was obnoxious to do. WHY DO I HAVE COMPLICATED CHARACTERS. Anyway, this is one of my shapeshifter characters in my up and coming novel, Dragon's Boon. Basically this pretty boy right here is the last of the dragons and blah blah blah. If you want to read it, I'm slowly posting my first draft up on Wattpad over -> https://www.wattpad.com/575372777-dragon's-boon-prologue
  19. Rune

    Art of Rune

    lol yeah, commissioner requested big bappers
  20. Fancy hyooge feets on that one.
  21. Rune

    Art of Rune

    Commission for someone on FB
  22. Waves at anybody who might be still here.

  23. It's...humbling to see firsthand the aftermath of flooding. Just seeing everyone's entire livelihood sitting on the side of the road to be hauled away..bah. absolutely heartbreaking.

  24. If you wish to become a Monster to protect some, go ahead. But heed this:

    Can you survive those against you, or are you simply foolish?

  25. Fixing your sleep schedule takes so much energy out of you, i feel like i could sleep for 6 months but i just get like 6-7hrs and feel like i got like 30min.

  26. Going to be a long week next week. Glad for my truck, because going to be doing a lot of hauling that i wouldn't have been able to do with the cadillac....time to rebuild and repair, Grand Forks is a strong town and will conquer

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