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    Hiyaa, My names Neon(jayfox) :3 Ive been on here since it first started but it was kinda empty, its been like a year or so now, is it still empty? : o i make music on fl studio, as you can tell by my profile picture i like renard queenston :3 hes kinda how i got into the fandom, im inspired by him. i have steam, i mostly play csgo :3 a level 24 hehe my fursona is a blue fox with neon glowing green fur, i joined the fandom 2 years ago, and it became a big part of me until i kinda came across some events in my life that had also changed it, good and bad heres a tune i just made 5 mins ago, and a fsjal meme off my sona :3 dont be afraid to chat :3 i love making new friends across the internet here to move.mp3

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