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    Oh boy, I was tangentially responsible for your fall into the deep end? I can't express my sympathy with words. For me, we must go way back to when I was in comprehensive school, perhaps 15 years ago. It was a dark and stormy eve, I had found the accursed artifact programme: RPG Maker XP. I joined a few communities to share resources and ideas, and ended up patron on a smaller site with a more closely-knit community. Now, even before all of this, I was quite shamefully involved with the Sonic Recolour Sprite Comics Sceneā„¢, but had no idea what a furry was. It was on this new forum that someone told me about it. I of course thought they were talking absolute bollocks. What a weirdo. But it lit a fire in me! Oh yes, the flames of curiosity burn bright, fellow readers! So I googled furry. Of course, the biggest thing there was "FURCADIA". Spent a few years on there, moved to SL, spent a few years there, moved to FP, spent more than a few years there. I used to go to meets and such but.. Now, I'm not exactly the most socially adept person. Not by a long shot. But even my comparative social ineptitude was dwarfed by the people who frequented meets in my area. So I don't go to those any more.
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    Open for a single painting slot~ I don't know how much time they typically take me, so i can't really offer a turnaround time, so i'd need a bit of patience! I am willing to do tasteful nudity for it, like pinups and whatnot! Single character: $100 Two character (maximum): $175 Overly complex characters may be subjected to additional charge Please no neon coloured characters (unless its an accent, but if the main colour is bright then it will hurt my eyes) Paypal Only NO BACKGROUND it will be gradient texture like the examples message me if you're interested
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    HEY YOU Hi. Here i'm gonna be posting various art, whether it be my digital work or my traditional work! If i remember, I'll post the link to the prospective FA post in case anyone wants to fave it! I'll be posting both commissioned work AND personal work here, though My comic will no doubt be posted to a different thread I suppose for my first post, I will upload one of my paintings! My fursona is having her tail braided by my fiance's sona~ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23988232/
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    Thanks Rune ^^ I'll get on it!~ I followed you on tumblr; you'll know which one is me
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    Speaking of comics, I really wanna binge read them. I've always had an interest, but never quite found the time.
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    I imagine it would; I've dreamt of being an artist as a job for almost my whole life. Yet, I ran into trouble with original ideas and stopped drawing and now I can't even draw a good circle I then became a sort of "art critique", in which I kiss the feet of artists because they're living their dream that I once shared :3
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    No problem! Someone with your artistic ability should get everything they desire (Just now began to realize how big of an art suck-up she is) Hehe~
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    aw thank you x3
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    Aww; if I had enough money lingering around, I'd step into the back of the waiting line to get one done ^^
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    I'm feeling mad love towards your art @Rune I don't doubt the fact that someone would definitely pay good money for these!
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    Oooo fancy glowsticks!
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    more from the September 2017 camping trip~ We went on a hike through a grove of cedar trees. There were a lot of fires going on in the area, giving the place an eerie orange glow in the sunlight This is the other part of that rick face i previously posted! this was actually right along side the road, too The smoke was so bad that you couldn't see the other side of the lake, but it made for a neat creepy photo! found a snail shell caught in a web, but the photo didn't turn out like i'd hoped. still cool tho! This bird actually followed us back to the campsite from the Cedar Grove! Stellar's Jay~
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    Better View Here https://saziartstudios.deviantart.com/art/SaziSkylion-s-2018-Commission-Prices-OPEN-726364639 That's right, my lovelies! I'm open for commissions! NSFW and SFW are both available, just read my terms and reply to this thread if you're interested! Terms of Service My commissions operate under an 'unlimited' list. This means I rarely, if ever close them and work at a constant pace to keep the list short. However, just because I am drawing as often as I can, that doesn't mean I can guarantee when exactly a piece will be done. Depending on my circumstances, the time can take between two to six weeks. When commissioning art from me, you have my full permission to upload it to any site you wish, so long as proper credit is given and a link back to my page is provided. If you intend to use my artwork for your own personal income (Logos, t-shirts, etc.) please discuss it with me first, and I will try to work something out. Unless requested otherwise, I hold all rights to upload the commissioned piece to my online portfolios and other websites where I post my work. Payment is done through PayPal only! I will take payment once a rough sketch is approved, at which point I will send an invoice to your PayPal address with the finalized price of the artwork. You have permission to remove yourself from my commission list at any time before I begin work on your commission. I also reserve the right to turn down a commission at any time without explanation. If you are interested in a commission from me, please fill out this form. Once I read it over, I will email you to confirm the details! Subjects that I will draw: Fanart Badges/logos/etc. 18+ material (will be posted on FurAffinity only) PG-rated material Slash Tasteful/artistic nudity Birds Most mammals Chibis Humans Avians Dinosaurs I will NOT draw: Filth-related fetishes of any sort Hyper Rape Racist Content Excessively complex backgrounds (Buildings and architecture, still learning) Art (c) Me
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    For the time being the plans of eventually bringing a gallery is on hold, as much as it'd be a nice feature to have, it is not that important for our community right now and we're better off spending money on advertisements and such.
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    Thank you! Glad to be a part of it~
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    I feel you've been working on that one for 6 months Came out really nicely :3
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    just finished this tonight~
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    I've always been a fan of the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffery, it IS a little tough to get into, but I adore it just the same. <3
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    It must have been over 12 years ago that I joined another online forum that was mostly a furry community. I used to be super into joining new things and looking at what weird things people were into. Personally, I didn't consider myself a furry at the time, and I didn't even have a fursona, but rather just an OC that essentially was a kemonomimi. However spending time with these guys/girls I was introduced to the fandom and its art, and I think it was the cool artwork and the nice people. I ended up as a fellow admin back there and it was where I first meet @Tailson. Due to some unfortunate events that went down there over time, TFD was born as a project. Its been through a few iterations since and Its pretty much grown with me as I've grown older.
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    painted this a little over a year ago~
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    I still think that piece is pretty cute o;

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