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  1. Welcome to TFD, pay no attention to the lying pup and make sure to enjoy your stay.
  2. Ello! Welcome to our little site, things are a bit quiet these days, probably for many reasons but hopefully things will pick back up again sometime soon!
  3. Fancy hyooge feets on that one.
  4. Fixing your sleep schedule takes so much energy out of you, i feel like i could sleep for 6 months but i just get like 6-7hrs and feel like i got like 30min.

  5. Ooo, neat kitty you got there Rune. Well done.
  6. This should now be fixed, please contact me if you have any issues uploading files. Theres currently something wonky with our server configuration, it will be fixed soon but while we work on it file uploads, avatars etc may have some issues. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we hope it'll be fixed as soon as possible!
  7. What an exhausting world we live in.

  8. A fairly common problem in the furry fandom is harassment, it takes shape in various different shapes with everything from flat-out manipulation, talking bad about someone behind their back, or purposely spreading lies about someone they don't like. Most communities feel powerless to really do much about this, and really its a large problem in this fandom, and the internet as a whole. To this end, we on TFD will be taking reports about people who are acting questionably outside of our community, either through harassing others or anything we feel border on bullying, and if we are provided with strong enough evidence that we feel we can justify taking action, will not hesitate to expel someone from our community just because their actions aren't happening on our site. I'm sure some will say that we're overreaching in having such a strict policy, but really when you look at what we want to create, a warm welcoming community for those who share our passion for art, roleplaying, or even gaming. We feel that throwing out those negative influences will be on the best path to create a friendly community. And we will, of course, give everyone a chance to defend themselves. So if someone on the site is actively harassing you offsite, please let us know and we'll see if there is anything we can do to resolve the problem.
  9. after the passing of Avicii, I've been listening to some EDM.
  10. Would probably go for something like this. https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/chameleon/
  11. Oh for sure would do what possible to make sure there wasnt any functional differences between the themes.
  12. Now that things are more or less finalized in terms of how our site looks and such, I feel I should reach out to the community once more and see if there's much of a need to implement a light variant of our site. While it'd have a minor cost associated to implement if there is a desire for it because someone feels that they don't get enough sun we'd be happy to get that on the todo list.
  13. o; your profile cover is adorkable.

    1. Rune


      Lol thank

  14. I love this cover, and NSP in general really.

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