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  1. Hey y'all.

    We're all still breathing, for the most part anyway.
  2. Supp fuzz butts

    Its still a bit dead, sorta in the lull of things and still considering various things, sorting behind the scenes things. Time management and all has been a little off so we havent really done much to really push trough beyond world of mouth.
  3. Sid

    Ello, welcome back to our establishment!
  4. Heyo!

    Welcome back, as always glad to have you. :3
  5. Hiya, I'm new here!

    Welcome to our little corner of the internet, we're pretty new, but doing our best to get out there and grow!
  6. Anyone else enjoy watching anime?

    Obligatory anime thread. Any fellow anime fans? What kinds of animes do you watch, whats your favourites. I'm a huge fan of the Studio Ghibli movies I think they've got fantastic quality, it always feels like Miyazaki put his heart into everything he makes and as far as animated movies, I think they might even be better than Disney. I tend to really enjoy long running series, though some of them tend to get ruined by fillers I'm quite the fan of Fairy Tail right now, I really hoping they bring the new season in. How bout the rest of you all any memorable animes you've watched, or something you're looking forward to?
  7. A wild Kray appears

    You smell funny.
  8. 5 things to do after registering your account.

    Figured I'd make a short little guide to help newcomers to find out just what to do after they join up with our beautiful little community. Make sure you read the rules for the community which you can find here. Make an introduction thread in the intro section, which you find here. Make sure your profile is to your linking, uploading your avatar, cover picture, and adding your fursona details, you can do that by going to your profile by clicking your icon, or your name under the banner left corner. Set your notification settings to whatever your preferences are, we have a pretty solid preset, but we understand you might want to customize them to fit your tastes, you can do so by going here. Browse around the different sections, meet new people, and enjoy your stay. Whatever your tastes are, I'm sure we'll at least have something that fits in that scope. A little tip for the "About Fursona" tab. If you want to include pictures in your description such as I have done with mine, upload your attachment, insert it, move it where you want it. Double click it to make it float to the left or right side of the text, and make sure you resize it to a small size, somewhere around 150 in the width field, the height should scale on its own to keep aspect ratio. Your initial thought might be, "Why would i do that, then people cant see it!" but any attachment added in that style, can simply be clicked and viewed in a bigger format. At the end of the day though you can come up with your own way of doing things to get the result you want. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We are always happy to help our community.
  9. Site Rules!

    Here's a summary of our site rules, this thread will might be updated, but if it is there should be a post under this stating what changes were made to the rules. Rules Flaming & Hateful Material – You will not post abusive, hateful, or harmful slurs, words or images towards any member, and will treat all individuals with respect. This also applies to your forum signature and avatar. Racist, sexist, homophobic and other hateful language and images will not be tolerated. Personal attacks are forbidden, and arguments and/or debates will be reasonable and intelligent Profanity – You will refrain from excessive use of profanity, especially as relating to the matter noted above. Pornographic Material – Anything that you wouldn’t want to show your boss must be tagged NSFW and also tagged NSFW in the thread title. Note: there will be absolutely no porn of actual people on this site period. This includes pictures of yourself, it brings too much legal problems for the site. Artwork of any kind however is just fine so long as it is tagged. If you are ever unsure if what you’re posting is or is not allowed ask a moderator. Spamming – You will not ruin topics by flooding, spamming, or posting clearly irrelevant material. Whether or not a post is spam will be judged by our staff at their discretion. Double-posting will only be tolerated if a topic has been inactive for a 30-day period and if the reviving post attempts to further discussion. Again, this is to the staff’s discretion. Written Form – So-called "l33t speak" will not be tolerated. Good grammar and language is expected, and regular use of punctuation is extremely encouraged. Personal Information – You will not, under any circumstance, post personal information of another member on the forum. This includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, names, and contact information. Illegal Activities – You will not discuss unlawful activities and will not violate any laws through the forum. Punishment for such will be a permanent ban. However, do note that it's all a matter of context and severity; like in the case of drugs: we allow for discussion on the matter as long as the discussion is primarily based around opinions and not organizing or promoting their use. We do not encourage or condone such acts of drug use, but we understand that opinions can be expressed. Forgery – You will not engage in forgery of any kind. Impersonation, illegal manipulation, and general forgery are unacceptable. Proxy IP addresses, if discovered, will be banned. Piracy – You will not engage in Internet piracy or in the sharing or distributing of viruses, licenses, registration information, or any other pirated or "cracked" information. Discussion offering information on illegal file-sharing networks will not be tolerated. Advertising – Must be kept to the proper forum section artists seeking commissioners will be allowed to make as many topics as they need. TFD reserves all rights to deny and remove advertisements of any kind as this is a free service. Restricted Pages – You will not attempt to access any normally restricted pages on the forum, namely the Administrative Control Panel or another member’s account. Such offenses will result in a ban. Staff Instructions – You will heed any and all commands a moderator may give you regarding posting and personal messaging habits. Multiple Accounts – You will not create or use multiple accounts. Doing so will result in an automatic ban for both accounts. Avatar & Signature – You may have an avatar and are allowed to have images in your signature. Signatures and avatars may be removed at the staff's discretion. Art Theft/Plagiarism – If you claim artwork or literature that is not your own your account will be banned. The protection of our artists and authors is taken very seriously and theft will not be tolerated. Spoilers – If you are presenting spoilers of any sort, you will use spoiler tags; failing to do so will result in a warning. A spoiler constitutes any information on characters, story elements, or dialogue. Name Changes – Members are allowed one name change per three months. This is a privilege, any abuse of this privilege means you lose it. Refusal of Service – We reserve the right to deny service to anyone whom we find unsuited for our community, access is a privilege not a right.

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