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  1. I'm somewhat curious if there's any interest for something sci-fi centred, while I don't have a clear idea in the back of my head I have some seeds that could grow into a proper idea. If there is any interest in such a thing. Really to move forward with something like this I probably would need to know just exactly what someone would be interested in. In terms of setting, story type, etc. Like personally I could go with something slightly based on living on some sort of colony ship or an ark ship. Not quite sure which direction the story would go from there, but taking some extra time to flesh out a proper basis for a story would be fun if people want to do something sciency.
  2. Yeah, I heard a lot about Kingdom Come and certain people like @Kraylan have been saying its good. Not my type of game so i kinda skipped out on it. But from what I've seen of it, its pretty well made.
  3. Skylanders was always a weird thing to me. My sister got it on her PS4 and she thought it was cool but it's a very "kid" game. Not really much there for any grownups I felt. Cool concepts, but they really dragged a lot of stuff through the dirt to get in there.
  4. Welcome to our site! We're still fairly new and slowly growing! If you have any friends don't hesitate to invite them as well!
  5. To each their own, I dropped of the COD bandwagon after MW2
  6. if you ask me, COD has used up any and all goodwill towards it as a game series a long time ago and I feel there's just much better games to play across the board than to have any faith that there's gonna ever be another good COD game.
  7. I love this cover, and NSP in general really.
  8. The much-anticipated version 4.3 of our software have been released, and our community has been updated to use it. There really isn't too much new in terms of front-end features as this mostly improves the backend and makes the site run faster, but as a quick summary for features that affect everyone, they are listed under for your convenience. You can now click someones cover on their profile page for a bigger view of the picture. Emojis support has been added. Automated moderation upon multiple reports. Twitch.Tv embedding is now supported.
  9. I'm sure we have quite a few of us here are gamers, and as such, some might be anticipating some upcoming games more than others. While I'm sure some might have gone under the radar for some, so let's share which games we're looking forward to for the year! Personally, I'm looking forward to a couple of games coming out throughout the year, as a pc gamer I'm looking forward to them releasing Monster Hunter World for PC. Other than that I'm looking forward to the new World of Warcraft expansion launching this summer. As for my trainwreck of the year, its probably gonna be DayZ, unless it gets postponed again. I'm sure the hype has normalized a little but I know ill probably end up disappointed.
  10. youtube thought I'd want to hear this again, so I shall share.
  11. A little update on the site upgrade, it'll probably happen either today or tomorrow, the software is ready we're just making some tweaks and getting ready to push.
  12. Name: Calmcacil Age: Appears to be in his late 20s. Real age unknown but thought to be in the centuries. Sex: Male Species: Liger Notable abilities and skills: Aetherial Manipulation, Shapeshifting & Survival skills. Forms: Feral (Original) & Humanoid (Learned) A brief history of yourself: Calm grew up on one of the early worlds that the divers guild discovered, as a magical beast, he observed the strange creatures that kept coming and going to the world he called home. Slowly learning from their behaviors, learning their language and adapting to their continued presence on his world. As decades passed, he slowly grew closer and closer to their presence, having observed them for so long that he could grasp the basics of their language, even mimicking their form, or rather altering his form to closer resemble theirs. While the early years of their interactions were rough and unpolished, over a decade he expanded his understanding of them, their culture. Although he never intended to leave his world to see what else was out there, a growing curiosity within him saught to see for himself all the wonders that the divers had told him about. And it just so happened that he was offered a perfect opportunity to do this when a friend asked him to accompany them on a search.

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