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  1. Three Word Story

    that we always
  2. "Chance" Furries

    That is what happens in small towns. People tend to keep their hobby to themselves. It's why when people tell me "There is no one" my answer is always "are you absolutely sure" because people can surprise you haha.
  3. Supp fuzz butts

    Hello and welcome back, sorry for the quietness...
  4. Sid

    Well hello and welcome back
  5. I feel this is a double-edged sword type question. In a different aspect than pushing your idea on others. sometimes people ask questions. And sometimes people discover it on their own at cons or other public events. On one hand people learn about it and think it's cool, some get into it, and on the other side of the spectrum... people make their own assumptions and hate it or are disgusted by it. So kind of yes, it would be cool if more people knew about it but at the same time, it needs to be handled the right way to prevent more judgement or hate
  6. "Chance" Furries

    Oh yeah I've heard of similar stories like that before. It is awesome that it helps some people so much.
  7. "Chance" Furries

    I remember when I first came across this forum I made friends with someone who I later found out was a local fur. They were the first furry I had ever met in person. We are still friends to this day and hang out periodically or at events. Other than that there is a very large community in this state; mostly condensed to this city so... everyone kind of knows everyone else but I'm always finding new furs that I don't know here and there.
  8. Do I have to?

    Oh that would be stupendous. I do really love cookies but snickerdoodles are one of my absolute faves!
  9. Recent Animated Animals. Opinions?

    It is nice seeing more "furry" type movies in the media now. Although I highly doubt they are catering to furries specifically. I'm still okay with this, bring on the movies ha
  10. Recent Animated Animals. Opinions?

    What is Furtopia? Do you mean Zootopia?
  11. Do I have to?

    Oh.. those are my favourite cookies
  12. Generic intro

    Welcome to the forums
  13. Do I have to?

    I ate them of course
  14. Do I have to?

    Yeah, looks like I do It is I KayDee [aka DogNoms] your resident grumpy admin I am a teacher, an artist, a pet owner, a disabled veteran, and uh.... cranky like 98% of the time I'm really awful at these and truly never know what to write so uh, ask me something you want to know and I will answer it.

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