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  1. well yes, but ah... it wasn't that particular fox. it was this one. curse you for making me show my age I'm not at all ashamed to admit I referenced Robin for Armand's personality.
  2. Welcome! I also enjoy writing, whenever I get off my lazy butt and actually write that is
  3. Welcome! our community is always happy to have a new member, even if they don't share our interest in the fandom
  4. Craft beers you say? I can tell we will get along swell
  5. I do in fact have an unhealthy amount of firearm knowledge yes
  6. !!! how could you! poor babi 😞
  7. Welcome to our little corner of the net. I hope you have a good time being part of our growing community ❤️
  8. Kraylan


    Aye welcome, glad to hear the ad is working as intended
  9. Your avatar matches your text rather perfectly :V also yes i am!
  10. niet! i am zhe vinner!
  11. that's a bitchin truck~
  12. *HISS* the light! it burns us! ... no but seriously it does look nice. i wouldn't mind having a lighter theme to switch to every now and again.
  13. Kraylan

    Hello c:

    Welcome! we're happy to have you here!

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