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  1. well yes, but ah... it wasn't that particular fox. it was this one. curse you for making me show my age I'm not at all ashamed to admit I referenced Robin for Armand's personality.
  2. *HISS* the light! it burns us! ... no but seriously it does look nice. i wouldn't mind having a lighter theme to switch to every now and again.
  3. Kraylan

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    We here at The Furry Den (TFD) aspire to cultivate a strong community centered around the furry fandom. To that end, we provide these forums free of charge to all artists, writers, role players, and people who share this common interest. While we may from time to time ask for the rare donation we will never seek to profit from our community's charity. Everything we receive from donations will always be put right back into our website or our community. Thank you. TFD Staff
  4. Personally, I blame disney.
  5. as with all things my initial response is "weh"

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