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  1. nsfw

    Dannnnnng!!! Welcome to the Den! Have some fun, or make some!!! I am CEF, The Hugmonster! *HUGGGS*
  2. Sid

    Hello, and Welcome Back to the Den!! *Hugs*
  3. here, sometimes I
  4. at the mall.
  5. The way this one goes, is we are finishing, or adding to somebodies sentence. For example... I say ...even when most...then you might continue with ....of the wizards....Then I may say....were still asleep... and so on. Would you like to try again? .....even when most
  6. Even when most
  7. As the name suggests, we tell a story three words at a time, building on the previous fursons post! For Example. I may start with "In the morning" Then KayDee may say "when there wasn't" And then Kraylan may add "a cloud in" Get the picture? OK then Let's GO!!! At the middle......
  8. I heard from a friend yesterday, that a fifteen year old girl in their area, that was bullied, introverted, and generally withdrawn, has improved greatly! She discovered the magic of being in a fursuit. Her mother said, this was the happiest she has seen her! Another point for Furry!
  9. Amazing as it may seem, I have , on two occasions run across local furs. We are a relatively small town, so I was struck by surprise! Any of you had the "chance" opportunity to run across any previously unknown Furs?
  10. I must send you some!
  11. Wow...I must have been on drugs or something when I typed that. It was February after all, I was just coming out of hibernation.... I had a hair in my eye.... I was sleep-typing...
  12. I still kinda like this thread, so we will see, if it can still work.
  13. A-hem.. I have Snickerdoodles!!
  14. Welcome to our little slice of Fuzz!! I am Cef, the Hugmonster! (yeah, officially) I hope you enjoy yourself here!! *HUGS* CEF
  15. What do you think about the recent animals in film? (Furtopia, Sing etc.)?