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  1. Sloowwllyy getting there. Kinda wish i had taken up the insurance's offer of a massage therapist for my neck, but ah well. I miss my truck :(

  2. appraisal today: apparently the guy hit me hard enough to separate my hitch assembly from the frame, along with the extensive bumper damage and knocking my gas gauge sensor out of whack.

  3. I'm so tired of my head feeling like its stuck in a hydraulic press, of my neck being stiff to the point where no matter what position i'm in i can't be comfortable, not to mention these goddamn sounds ringing in my head. I cant drive anywhere because its overstimulating to the point where i shut down, and knowing that i wont be back to 100% for weeks just seems to make it so much worse

  4. Heading to urgent care in the morning to be checked out for concussion. I just wanna sleep Dx

    1. Rune


      welp. concussion, whiplash, and elevated blood pressure. neato

  5. Got into an accident, but everyone's okay. 

  6. Rune

    Art of Rune

    BEHOLD MY GREATEST LEARNING CURVE YET no but seriously, this took a LOT of learning and patience. I'd never done iridescence before EVER, and so like.....god this was obnoxious to do. WHY DO I HAVE COMPLICATED CHARACTERS. Anyway, this is one of my shapeshifter characters in my up and coming novel, Dragon's Boon. Basically this pretty boy right here is the last of the dragons and blah blah blah. If you want to read it, I'm slowly posting my first draft up on Wattpad over -> https://www.wattpad.com/575372777-dragon's-boon-prologue
  7. Rune

    Art of Rune

    lol yeah, commissioner requested big bappers
  8. Rune

    Art of Rune

    Commission for someone on FB
  9. It's...humbling to see firsthand the aftermath of flooding. Just seeing everyone's entire livelihood sitting on the side of the road to be hauled away..bah. absolutely heartbreaking.

  10. Going to be a long week next week. Glad for my truck, because going to be doing a lot of hauling that i wouldn't have been able to do with the cadillac....time to rebuild and repair, Grand Forks is a strong town and will conquer

  11. Rune

    Art of Rune

    Preview teaser of my next coming piece. I've never done iridescent scales before, so this is definitely a learning curve for me, but i am enjoying the results so far!
  12. Rune

    Art of Rune

    Finished a couple of pieces~ this one was a gift for a friend. i wanted to see what his space lion would look like with antlers, so i drew it! and this one was a dilophosaurus another friend commissioned me. i dont ever get to draw dinosaurs, so this was a special treat for me
  13. Taking commissions and donations so that i can buy dog food for the kennels in Grand Forks that have taken the pets of the people evacuated. If you're interested in either, message me!

    1. Greyfurr


      Wish i could. I'm flat broke. Good idea though, I will try to raise money.

  14. Have this currently stuck in my head
  15. my mother in law's town was flooded and thousands of people need help. if you can't donate, PLEASE SHARE https://www.gofundme.com/grand-forks-amp-boundary-flood


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