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  1. Now, I know yalls specified upcoming games but this one is technically a 2018 game so imma mention it anyway Kingdom Come: Deliverance Its so damn good. I know there's been a TON of bad hype for it because of how shitty the release was, but in thw grand scheme of things, it wasn't WarHorse's fault. Their investors demanded the game get released even though the Devs straight up told them it wasn't done. So when it was released, it was so obnoxiously broken, but the Devs worked their asses off to release patches to fix the problems. Anyway, moving on. It is an absolutely gorgeous game. The graphics are just...holy wow. I love flailing through the forests because THEY ARE ACTUALLY FORESTS AAAHHH and the menus and the xhxksapsn the gameplay, the story, just. Basically its a fully immersive game that can almost be considered a "medieval sim"
  2. Honestly i'm fuckin hyped for the Spyro remake. Skylanders absolutely killed the franchise and i am excited to see it coming back to its original glory
  3. Legit one of my fave songs simply because of how ridiculous it is
  4. These guys have a cool sound, and my fiance even knows some of the band members!
  5. Newer band and so far i am loving their sound. Has a familiar face, too, Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish joined in on this debut album
  6. Rune

    Rune's Photography

    what's neat is on that very hike we found a beach- on top of a mountain! More evidence to BC's geological past being under water for a time~ Same area I also managed to find a fossilized tree!
  7. One of my fave Kamelot songs because of how profound it is when you listen to the lyrics
  8. Rune

    Rune's Photography

    October 2017, a fall hike~ we also saw a cat-face orbweaver in the grass!
  9. I've finished the painting and currently have another in my queue, BUT i am super willing to take on one more~
  10. Rune

    Rune's Photography

    Lol i lied i totally know how to change the shutter speed, i just forgot because i havent used the camera in like.....well since december probably. But i got this shot using 2200 ISO and 1/10 shutter
  11. Rune

    Rune's Photography

    After that pic, i was told to try an iso of around 400, but never got back around to it, maybe i will try this next trip! Sadly my camera i dont think allows me to set a shutter speed?? Its a nikon D3200 so its pretty basic
  12. Rune

    Rune's Photography

    Its entirely possible that its my settings too, that specific photo was shot with these settings and i havent really played with night photography enough Shutter Speed: 1/8 second Aperture: F/7.1 Focal Length: 19 mm ISO Speed: 12800
  13. Rune

    Rune's Photography

    I use a tripod and a remote and still it turns out really grainy like this

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