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  1. Is it truly Glorious when the bodies of those you've devastated, built the very throne you sit on?

  2. I'll join in as well. Seems interesting to delve into.
  3. Yep. Granted I'm not very popular, but apparently people enjoy my work more than I expected. Anyways, feel free to look around, scribble things everywhere (including on Calm's face) and go crazy before lunch.
  4. Welcome, and good to see another writer around.
  5. Can't say I'm much for craft beer, but alcohol drinking is enough for me. Welcome!
  6. *Starts tossing various alcohols at everyone.*
  7. Oh, we're doing this now? Okay, I gotcha.
  8. OI! Have a drink lass! *Pitches a tankard to Miss Sassy.*
  9. Nah, you Brits just wish you could have our fancy firearms. *Laughs madly to the sound of rifle casings hitting the ground.*
  10. But in most cases the round is hollow point, so it'll just mushroom upon impact and lodge in something.
  11. Though Nightmarish events forge those of strong will, the shattered dreams and wounded hearts that curses them all leaves many brittle and coarse of mind.


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