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  1. How does one turn a kind man, into a cruel one?

    By destroying all he loves, all his dreams, until nothing is left...
    but pain and suffering.

  2. Welcome. Feel free to scritch the big 'ol Calmcacil kitty, he purrs if you do it right!
  3. Welcome. There's a varied bunch here, but some are just lurking in the corners in most cases. Feel free to find one yourself, just not the forested one. That's mine.
  4. If you wish to become a Monster to protect some, go ahead. But heed this:

    Can you survive those against you, or are you simply foolish?

  5. Is it truly Glorious when the bodies of those you've devastated, built the very throne you sit on?

  6. Though Nightmarish events forge those of strong will, the shattered dreams and wounded hearts that curses them all leaves many brittle and coarse of mind.

  7. Lies on Pandah.

    Hello. I'mma settle in here.

    1. Pandah


      She squeaked and huffed, laying there


      Hey there~

      I suppose that's fine

    2. White Timberwolf

      White Timberwolf

      Nuzzles at her neck then curls up.


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