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  1. @Greyfurr Thank you! That sounds awesome,I love a good cooked meal.
  2. @DirkStrudel Thank you!
  3. @Calmcacil Bloodfang Thank you!
  4. Hello! Nightclowns here to say my commissions are open! Here you can find my prices and examples of my art as well as adopts that I have for sell/trade. All current adopts are $10. I am willing to entertain art offers or character trades. Adopts (Here the adopts are listed in order with if they are open or sold as well as if the adopt was done a free to use base with credit) 1.Frosted Ice: Open,base by UnistaArt on furaffinity (This image is censored but if it is still not allowed on here please tell me and I will remove it) 2.Pastel lady,Open,Older art by me 3.Catahoula leopard dog,Open,Recent art by me 4.Long Boi,Open,Old art by me 5.Milkweed Bug Monster,Open,Recent art by me 6.Oak Tree Hopper Monster,Open,Recent art by me This is all of the current adopts I have open for now.

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