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  1. Ever read books by Suzanne Collins? She wrote the Hunger Games Trilogy and Gregor the Overlander. My personal favorite series is Gregor the Overlander, but check them both out if your interested.
  2. Y tho? lol Sally Acorn? that Nut. XD I personally was introduced by a friend. He told me about furries back when they were popular with my age group.
  3. Amazin' Art! I am an artist as well, but my canvas is a plate and my paint is food! I am a chef and a writer! I do free works for people, cause I have way too much time on my hands.
  4. Greyfurr


    Howdy! Greyfurr here! Just letting Furries know that I CAN and WILL write stories about some of their characters! Whether it be action-packed or romantic, I can write a novel about you character and their adventures! Free of charge! Just show me characteristics and I will get on it! May take a month or two for a 30 page novel, but that's because of... other commitments. Send requests to me via Private message or at my Gmail: [email protected] See ya soon!
  5. Would love to see it happen! Just got to dig up some of my spellcaster roleplayers
  6. Greyfurr

    Rune's Photography

    I hung my camera up a long time ago. I never picked it up again.
  7. I know some of these are bad, but I still post them b/c I have a commitment.
  8. Greyfurr

    Rune's Photography

    Wow! I am also into photography! My camera is broken tho. Amazing pics!
  9. I am a writer! (Cause I suck at art)
  10. Heh. I don't take much to write a story. All you need is a pen, some paper and the most important thing: CREATIVITY! Cool! I also type my stories on GoogleDocs!
  11. Same! Most people around where I live shun furries... Welp...
  12. Nice idea! I like roleplay! it is a pastime of mine!
  13. Of course people enjoy your work! Everyone always enjoys a good story or poem. I know I do.

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