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  1. ahhhhh It all started when a friend was on amino, he had a cat character called Alfus or something like that. Obviously interested, I asked him what he was doing. “Im roleplaying, and don’t get any ideas, im not a furry!” was the answer I received. All week I was wondering what is a furry? And I thought of asking someone but it seemed stupid as if it was one of those things everyone knows. In the end curiosity got the better of me and so I searched it up. i read the first line of some wikipedia page it didn't really help, and I decided not to pursue the matter any further. A few months later I saw an article and the word came up again. I looked on youtube and found kero the wolf (sort of furry crush) that got me into the fandom. And because of it I made a tone of new friends and even my real life crush began to go out with me. A while later, for a month slipped away from the fandom, in this time I got really depressed my gf broke up with me and I had nothing to look forward to. So i'm staying put for now! (and this was meant to be a short answer, why do I always have to turn these things into an autobiography. If you got this far well done! *hugs u*) im putting that in the 'about me' section

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