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  1. The photos here are absolutely stunning
  2. These are really cool, keep up the good work!
  3. These are adorable, once I have income I'll likely be coming back to hyu with some commissions.
  4. DirkStrudel

    Citrus's art

    Here are some of the highlights of my Deviantart gallery. I figured I would share with you all. Porple my Pelxie. Miguel Base by Naughty-Savage Star my Toybi. Yumashi the Birdfolk. Flan the snaptrap. Yumashi as a plush. Vanbat, a fantroll of mine. Citrus and his mom Citrus's reference sheet. More of my art is viewable here.
  5. Thank you :3 I really appreciate it!
  6. Thank you! I work hard on my art.
  7. There are a lot of characters that I no longer use or want. I would like people to please try to be fair when offering. I won't accept a 5 cent character for a character thats worth 25$. But please take a look. For the non-species and some other characters, I will consider art as well. https://toyhou.se/dirkstudel/characters
  8. I just wrote a long story the other week about one of my characters! I'm trying to get back into it. I write poetry too and I have posted them but they are usually pretty depressing so I try not to publicize them. I'd love to share stories with you, though I must warn you I am a terribly slow reader. Lol.
  9. Hello! I'm Chris but you can call me by my online handle Dirk [yes because of homestuck. Im a huge homestuck fan.] I'm also kin with Dirk Strider, but thats for another forum. You can also call me by any of my main fursona's names. Citrus being my current main. Medkit, Starwin, and Aster being the other four. You can view their profiles here. I keep most of their information and artwork up to date on their toyhou.se profiles. I also have a Deviantart, a Tumblr, and a Furaffinity. My deviantart is kept more up to date than the rest of my sites though, as its the one I check the most often and upload to more often. I do a lot of pixel and digital art. I don't take requests but if your interested in finding my commission information please feel free to go to this page. I joined here looking for fellow furry friends, hopefully in my area but also just anywhere. I only have a few other fellow furry friends and I just really want to branch out. If your a homestuck, a furry, or otherwise a nice person I am interested in talking to you. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!
  10. My cover photo keeps failing when I try to upload it. I had a hard time uploading my profile picture as well. What a shame. 


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