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Calmcacil Bloodfang

07/04/2018 - Update on staff.

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While we're still very small, and slowly growing our site. Waiting for advertisements to go up and all that kind of stuff. We've added another staff member to our team. So join me in welcoming Pandah to her position as head moderator for our community. She'll likely be the one dealing with most of our moderator needs, as well as future moderators will most likely respond directly to her. I personally can vouch for her ability and experience in the task we're entrusting her with. We'll come back to further staff employment as the site goes trough its growth when activity starts to rise.

Beyond that I've advanced Kraylan to the position of an administrator, this is merely an update in how we display things and not much more. He's still in charge of Public Relations for our site and he will also be in charge of our monthly or bi-monthly update notes when we start putting those out.

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