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This is really just an idea, but if anyone has any interests in it or such, i suppose you can reply here or PM me.

Setting: Fantasy / Magic / Post-Apocalypse 
Literacy: Average.

Quick Summary:
The world is was made up of two large continents with massive sprawling cities spread amongst them. The two nations had spent centuries at war their means of fighting, and their weapons growing stronger and stronger as time passed, moving towards the development of weapons of mass destruction.  Eventually reaching that point of no return, mutually assured destruction it was impossible to know which nation attacked first. But the end result was the same for either, and end to the war and the eradication majority of the global population.

It felt like the civilisation had ceased to exist after the attacks had ended Buildings still stood, filled with nothing but perfectly preserved corpses. Anyone who had been out of the strike zones and rushed home to their loved ones died before they could even get close to their relatives. Unable to confirm for themselves whether or not the ones they had risked everything had perished or not.

The majority of those who survived were outside of the affected areas. Some were there purely by accident, others had decided to move out of the cities out of fear of impending doom. Regardless of how these people survived, the scale of everything had just happened was so overwhelming that it led many took their own lives. They didn’t know where their place in the world was anymore.

Those who decided to not give up, but rather forged a new way forward amongst the ruins faced many perils. Looting, murder, barbarism that had previously only existed in history and entertainment. Adjusting to this new way of life and banding together to face these ancient challenges was difficult for many. Ultimately it led to some settlements that slowly started to rebuild civilization.

While people were wary of using magic at first, not wanting to give away their affinities, the constant attacks from those who had given up on society and felt that they could act however they wanted since there was no one left to enforce the old laws. The various settlements seemed to have their own sets of rules, though most seemed to agree on one point. Stay away from anything that had to do with the old world.

Centuries later as nature had all but reclaimed the old cities, the effects of the weapons that had once decimated the population of the world had grown weak enough that the majority of the ruins were once more accessible to those brave enough to step foot where time had stood still for so long.

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I'm definitely interested and would totally join in. 

I'll even give Chi some magic abilities C:<

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