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Calmcacil Bloodfang

Gallery? More like robbery.


All jokes aside, I know people like having the option to upload artwork of their characters or their photographs to some sort of on-site gallery, and really I'm not opposed to the idea. Though it does come with some caveats in terms of rules that would need to be enforced if we were to implement such a feature. Right now it mostly comes down to money. Our current cost is $40 per 6 months for the software, upgrading to add gallery would be a onetime price of 75$ and then it adds 10$ to our renewal, bringing it up to 50$ per 6months for the licencing. 

Now, this isn't necessarily a problem if its something people want, so really this thread is more to gauge interest if someone wants to help financially to make it happen that's obviously something that we appreciate, but I'm really just trying to gauge interest more than anything.

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For the time being the plans of eventually bringing a gallery is on hold, as much as it'd be a nice feature to have, it is not that important for our community right now and we're better off spending money on advertisements and such.

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